Important headlight advice: Replace your halogen headlamps every year

 Ontario drivers, chances are that you’ve had a headlamp go out in the past and the temptation is to simply replace the bad bulb… and if you have halogen headlights, they’ll dim over time. Even if you add new bulbs, they simply won’t be of the same brightness, which can be extremely distracting and affect your night vision.

We highly recommend replacing your halogen headlamps every year. If you make it a habit to change these whenever daylight savings time changes in the Fall, you’ll always have really nice bright headlamps for that crazy drive down I-4.

It’s not just a matter of picking up bulbs any more. There are other types of headlamps now, in addition to the standard bulbs that have been around for decades. These are alright, but you can usually upgrade to at least halogens. They cost a little more but the difference is amazing. If you drive at night alot, you might want to use a premium halogen bulb that filters out the yellow hues and give a very white light that’s looks a lot like daylight.

Ever notice those bluish headlights on luxury cars? They are known as high intensity discharge (HID) lamps. These cost quite a bit, but they last forever and really light up the road. Can’t afford them? There are halogens with a blue tint. No one needs to know that you’re faking it!

Night driving is all about reaction time. You can’t react to what you can’t see. So good headlamps is critical, to give you a good view down the road and good peripheral vision as well. And your headlights need to be aimed correctly so you can see and also, to keep your lights from shining off into on-coming traffic.

You may have seen older vehicles with headlights that are awfully dim and maybe even yellow. That’s because the plastic headlight lenses have gotten cloudy and yellowed with age. They can be replaced, but you can restore the lens for a lot less.

AAA reports that nine out of ten vehicles have dirty or yellow headlamps. Enhance your night vision by cleaning your headlights with a window squeegee occasionally when you gas up. Get your lenses restored if they need it and don’t forget to replace your standard  or halogen bulbs every Fall.

If you’d like your headlights inspected, visit us at Flash Automotive Repair Inc. We’re located at 401 Dunlop Street East, Whitby, ON, L1N 1S6.  Telephone us today at 905 668 1255 or Toll free at 877-893-1585.

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